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Educational Furniture Showcase

Educational Furniture that blends Budget with Quality perfectly

An Extensive Range of UK Manufactured, Standard or Customised Furniture; Designed for all Commercial and Educational Environments and here are just a few examples.

Please feel free to browse examples from our range of office furniture. We could not display it all because our customers have not yet defined what ‘all’ of it is. There are standard products available; but because having them built to match each customer’s exact requirement is so straight forward and cost effective, most of them help us to expand the range each time they order.

Some of the more common variations are:

  • Variations of desktops
  • Different fabrics on chairs
  • Metals and fabrics to match 'any' corporate colour
  • Non-standard sizes
  • Mixture of doors and hinge fittings
  • Our customer imaginations...
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